Well, after a long time of contemplating I’ve finally done it. I’ve started my own blog!

It’s a surreal and almost strange experience, I don’t know what to expect..but who says I should?  I feel like I’ve finally been given a suitable platform to express my inner darkest and deadly feelings. I’m joking. But on a serious note this really is a great opportunity for me to engage in something new and exciting and be able to interact with you all (I say ‘all’ as if people are actually reading this ha-ha..ha, please do.)

I’ve had a huge wave of ideas that I want to talk about on here and when it came to deciding which to pick, I just chose to do all of them. So what will you see in the coming weeks I hear you all asking? (you probably didn’t ask it but gotta stick a rhetorical in somewhere) My posts will be centered around these things:

Himalayan blackberry plants.

Okay I need to stop the sarcasm.

IM NOT DOING THAT. No offence to people who are really into Himalayan blackberry plants, keep doing you.

My posts will include the topics of: Movies, from movie reviews to the effect of movies and my personal aspirations for movies. Sport, from football (or soccer..eurgh) to Pro wrestling, yeah that’s right. Recent world news, anything interesting that happens in the world that’s worth having a chat about. Faith, yeah it just got deep. Discussing things about God, my beliefs, any questions or queries (I’m up for a good ol’ debate). And more!

But honestly, if you’re reading this I want to personally thank you, to know that my opinion and what I say and/or believe is valued is a special kind of freedom.

I’m going to give this go and bamboozle and hopefully entertain you.

Can you feel the voltage? No? you will soon.

I’m the electrifying one,




We humans are unique. So many things make us different but the one common goal we have as a species I think is : Lose more weight

Due to media perception and/or our self consciousness, a ‘fit’ body is highly desired by the majority of people. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if not blown out of proportion, having a healthy diet and good amount of exercise means living a longer life and being comfortable in your own skin. However where to start is the hardest thing, whether you’re trying to lose weight or you’re trying to reduce your boy fat percentage and lose body fat. The countless amount of diets out there is impressive…but mainly aggravating. The whole “Does it really work?” question that comes to mind with each diet idea can make someone frustrated and hopeless. When making a lifestyle change you want to know what you’re investing time into works. Well for the suggestion I’m about to make to you from my personal experience it 100% works and  many others can back that up. What I’m suggesting is NOT A DIET. So don’t think you’re going to have to sacrifice your favourite foods and eat lettuce all day. The real ‘Fast’ way to lose body fat and weight is simple. Fasting. Yes Fasting. No not abstaining from eating anything at all but skipping certain meals. The correct term is:

Intermittent Fasting.

Intermittent fasting is not a diet but  a specific eating pattern. For example, skipping breakfast. Now wait, put down the invisible  gun. We’ve been told to always eat breakfast that eating breakfast everyday kick starts your metabolism and helps maximise weight loss. Well, I’ve been  eating breakfast for my whole life but the last 6 months in which I’ve skipped it have been so beneficial, that I don’t plan to go back to eating breakfast everyday ever again.

When you eat a meal, your body take several hours to process the food and use the energy from the food you’ve just consumed. It pulls the glucose from your bloodstream and or glycogen from your muscles. However when in ‘fasted’ state, your body has no stored food to pull energy from so it is more likely to pull energy from your body fat. Great! That’s what we’re trying to do right? Lose body fat.

So that’s a tick, for example you skip breakfast, you go on about your business, work, school, toenail clipping. Just moving requires energy, so your body is now going to take the energy needed from the fat stored in your cells. Now if minimal activity can cause a decrease in fat then what could exercising in a ‘fasted’ do?

joggingWhen you exercise your body uses energy and it takes energy from glucose stored in our body, if in a ‘fasted’ state the body needs an energy source and the lack of food in the body means that your body will grab the fat stored in you for energy.

Fasting allows for a lower caloric intake. The most important thing for loosing weight or body fat is calories in vs calories out. The more calories that go out than go in, the more weight you loose.Think about it, skipping breakfast means you reduce any chance of you consuming too many calories potentially. The convenience is incredible, not having to rush and eat and prepare breakfast in the morning. Also I’ve notice personally, when I eat breakfast I get hungrier quicker but if I skip it I’m able to go without food longer and  therefore I can prepare a balanced nutritious lunch for myself.

YES. The initial start will leave you feeling quite hungry and you may feel initially a lack of energy but surely skipping a meal is in order to lose weight and loose body fat is worth it. You get used to it quickly. I’ve lost 27pounds and my fat%has reduced from 16% to 12%. I work out 2 times a week for 60 minutes. I used to work out 4 times a week,

So now I work out less, skip breakfast and I’m seeing amazing results.

Stopping from eating carbs is not for everyone, working out 5 times a week is not possible for everyone but I must say, intermittent fasting is the easiest lifestyle change I’ve ever made.

fruit-manIf you’re considering fasting and are not sure how to do it,  The ‘starter’ amount of time to fast to see clear results has proven to be 15 hours. So if you eat at 9pm then the next time you could eat is 12pm the next day. So yes! Fasting does include when you sleep as  sleeping is the natural ‘Fasted’ mode.

So then you would eat whatever your calorie goals are between 12pm and 9pm and the cycle would start again. You can increase the amount of hours you fast to see better results, I personally fast for 17 hours. Do what’s right for you.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate  it.

Anyway, I am the electrifying one,


Movie Main Event: Marvel vs DC


Ah the classic battle.

Captain America or Superman? Iron Man or The Dark Knight? Despite your personal preference I think we can all agree that Marvel and DC comics both have original superheroes that are captivating and inspiring. However there is the underlying competition between the two. I’ll be talking about the battle between the two movie franchises, not the comics. Sorry.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU really began in 2008 with the release of Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. The DDCU only recently began in 2013 with Man of Steel.  Marvel then followed with Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America: The first Avenger. Clearly Marvel got the head start which lead to the most financially successful superhero movie of all time the one and only The Avengers. The Avengers featured an array of some the most popular Marvel superheroes and with five full length movies that acted as trailers for ‘The Avengers’ known as ‘Phase One’ there was no surprise at the success of The Avengers.

So Marvel wins the ‘financial success’ round with a killer Thor hammering, Shield swinging, Hulk smashing, Iron Man repulsor ray to the face of all things DC.

“What about The Dark Knight?” You ask. C’mon guys, In all honesty Is The Dark Knight really all that?

Yes. It really is.

My personal favourite Superhero movie of all time and rated 9/10 by 1,459,258 users according to That’s a lot of people and that’s a very good rating. Some say it revolutionized the superhero genre, I think it really established it. Brilliant director, fantastic cast, phenomenal soundtrack and the late great, Heath Ledger. However The Dark Knight isn’t a part of the DCCU. But the DC cinematic universe is only just getting started, two recent trailers released for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Suicide Squad. These films are the real jump charge the DDCU needed, the trailers depict some very interesting concepts, questionable cast choices but a fundamental ‘hype’ and anticipation. Oh and “I’m not going to kill you, I’m just gonna hurt you, really..really bad”- Jared Leto Joker. Love that.

DC’s future is as bright as Captain America’s teeth. Okay, that was legit bad.

DC is also scheduled to have the first ever female led superhero movie, which is as huge as the Hulk’s left bicep. Okay that was slightly better? Wonder Woman is set to poise the big screen in her own movie in 2017, this could be a game changer and is step in the right direction for DC.

There’s no doubt that DC are playing catch up or will slow and steady win the race? That’s all folks.

I’m the electrifying one,